Conscious Disconnectors.

Amid concerns about app addiction, 64% of people actually decreased the time they spend with mobile apps over the past year. The #1 reason they cut back? To stop “wasting time.” What’s behind the shift? Which apps are they cutting back on? And what does it mean for brands who want to engage these consumers?

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“In order to drive truly meaningful and long-term engagements with consumers, particularly in mobile, brands and marketers need to ensure that we have established trust and transparency with our consumers.”

Alysia Borsa Chief Data & Marketing Officer, Meredith Corporation

Net Persuasion.

Mobile in-app experiences generate 2X greater biometric intensity than linear television experiences, creating a unique opportunity for brands. But how do you foster persuasive brand experiences—ethically and effectively—in these screens of “Net Attention”?

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“The big picture is that as teens spend more time on digital media, they also start to spend less time with their friends face to face, and less time sleeping. And that is not a good formula for good mental health and happiness... I’m pretty optimistic that we can see change around smartphone use.”

Dr. Jean Twenge Author iGen

Negative Reach.

In the era of fake news and ad fraud, Brand Safety and Ad Quality are more important than ever. 70% of Millennials and Gen Xers won’t like, recommend or purchase products from a brand whose ads appear alongside derogatory, hateful or offensive content. We call it “Negative Reach.”

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“We live in a world where you're only one step away in any company from a potential problem, and the strength of your brand will help you... If a brand is authentic and deals with a crisis honestly, transparently, and effectively, customers will actually come away with a better impression of the brand.”

Daniel Binns Managing Director, Interbrand

The Unreachables.

47% of Millennials and Gen Xers aren’t captured by traditional TV measurement tools, making them nearly impossible to plan campaigns against, target or measure. We call them “The Unreachables.”

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“The biggest behavioral change we've seen is the platform shift. Today, we have about 77% of our viewing happening on 'living room' devices—connected TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles.”

Julie DeTraglia Head of Ad Sales Research, Hulu

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