Negative Reach.

Brands invest in advertising to reach consumers and ad quality is critical to do this well for brand safety in an era of fake news and disruption. What if they don’t properly limit frequency? Or what if a brand’s ads appear adjacent to questionable or unsafe content? Do consumers distinguish ads from the content and context in which they appear? Or do they hold brands responsible for their ad placements? Is there such a thing as “Negative Reach”? The short answer is yes—and it could be damaging your brand and your business’s bottom line.

Business Insider

Negative Reach:
The New Threat of Failed Brand Safety.

Brand safety has never been more important. In this column, Hearts & Science Chief Data Officer Megan Pagliuca explains the consequences of “Negative Reach” and lays out series of solutions to combat this threat.

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Reaching beyond Negative Reach.

A combination of technological and human solutions are necessary to maintain brand safety and work against the effects of Negative Reach. Discover how leading brands are approaching this complex issue.

“Brands are the company they keep.”

Meredith Levien Chief Operating Officer, The New York Times

Ad Exchanger

Hearts & Science:
Negative Brand Adjacency Has A Direct Impact On The Bottom Line.

"Regardless of the medium, context matters," Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn told AdExchanger in this article, which explores the impact of Negative Reach on brand health and a business's bottom line. "The concept of negative reach is as applicable to traditional media like TV as it is for digital. But online environments present a unique brand safety challenge: user-generated content."

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“We live in a world where you're only one step away in any company from a potential problem, and the strength of your brand will help you... If a brand is authentic and deals with a crisis honestly, transparently, and effectively, customers will actually come away with a better impression of the brand.”

Daniel Binns Managing Director, Interbrand

Negative Reach:

Download this ebook to get insights from Wharton, The New York Times, Meredith Corp, Moat and White Ops to understand how they are combating the threat of Negative Reach. Is ads.txt the answer? How can brands recover from ad adjacency issues—or prevent them from happening in the first place? In this ebook, we go deep into the issues surrounding brand safety, from bots and ISP spoofing to whitelists and the subjective definitions of what’s considered “safe.”


Negative Reach:
By the Numbers.

Check out this infographic to get the facts and figures behind the threat of Negative Reach—and five steps to fight it.

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Forces of Change.

Hearts & Science is tackling the biggest problems facing our industry, from measurement to brand safety to success in mobile. We’re releasing original content throughout the year, so be sure to check back—and let us know what you think with #forcesofchange.

  • Conscious Disconnectors.

    Amid concerns about app addiction, 64% of people actually decreased the time they spend with mobile apps over the past year. The #1 reason they cut back? To stop “wasting time.” What’s behind the shift? Which apps are they cutting back on? And what does it mean for brands who want to engage these consumers?

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  • The Unreachables.

    47% of Millennials and Gen Xers aren’t captured by traditional TV measurement tools, making them nearly impossible to plan campaigns against, target or measure. We call them “The Unreachables.”

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  • Net Persuasion.

    Mobile in-app experiences generate 2X greater biometric intensity than linear television experiences, creating a unique opportunity for brands. But how do you foster persuasive brand experiences—ethically and effectively—in these screens of “Net Attention”?

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