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New privacy legislation, Apple’s IDFA block and the coming deprecation of third-party cookies are sending shockwaves through the digital advertising ecosystem. New privacy-centric cookieless technologies are emerging, displacing antiquated methods for media tracking and measurement. Brand affinity awaits those who crack the code.

At Hearts, we’re working to recode the future of media connections.

As “Agents of Change” we’re investing in the future of media with technology designed to harness the emotional bonds between consumers and brands. Our new Agents of Change series will dissect the mechanics of analytics, data and technology and media measurement in a new privacy-first world.

How the marketing loop will be reborn

By Hearts & Science Team

Hear from our Managing Executive Director of Analytics on why we started Agents of Change, an overview of the initiative, and what it means for the advertising industry.

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The death of 3rd parties cookies and IDFA blockers will disintegrate 1:1 customer journeys for media campaigns. New cohort-based approaches with statistical rigor will drive the next generation of media analytics.


Data and technology

As consumer privacy increases deterministic targeting methods become near impossible. New probabilistic data modeling around consumer behavior step in to fill the void.



In a web devoid of identifiers, brand attachment becomes the new metric displacing legacy measurements of brand preference and loyalty. What is the future of multi-touch attribution in an anonymous world?


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