Hearts & Science conducted an in depth survey of 2,000 UK adults to gain a greater insight into the drivers and barriers of purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly products and the most influential factors that impact consumers when making eco-conscious purchases.

We also analysed purchase behaviours across a range of product categories, from food & drink and home electronics to furniture and fashion.

Did you know that 21% of consumers in the UK have stopped buying from brands due to their lack of those same eco-credentials1?

Through our observations and insight from the survey findings, we have identified seven ‘eco-nudges’ that brands can employ to take their messaging beyond conscious consumerism and into ‘subconscious consumerism’, where non-sustainability benefits are promoted – without necessarily promoting sustainability.

“52% of consumers take a brand’s eco-credentials into consideration when choosing products.”
– Forces of Change: Conscious Consumerism Research

To review the research findings and the seven Hearts’ eco-nudges download the report.


1Forces of Change: Conscious Consumerism Research