Hearts & Science in Australia has this week launched a new report to help clients and friends better understand changes in behaviour resulting from the move into isolation, especially as we begin to re-emerge across Australia.

The rapid change brought about by the onset of Covid-19 has forced some dramatic behavioural change at an individual and business level, in many cases leaving brands grappling with how best to adapt.

In order to help navigate these changes Hearts & Science has developed the Hearts Pulse. This fortnightly report will provide regularly updated and credible third party, as well as proprietary, data feeds, in a single document.

By highlighting emerging and often fast-changing trends, Hearts Pulse puts relevant and trusted data and insights into decision makers’ hands to support their various media and business strategies.

Hearts & Science CEO (Australia) Jeremy Bolt commented: “We recognised a need to consolidate numerous data feeds, as well as the hunger for information around change as we begin to emerge from isolation to what we believe will be a series of new norms over the next 12 to 18 months. How people move is a leading key indicator of consumer behaviour, spend and economic activity, and also acts as a guide where to place media to maximise impact.

“We know every organisation will be affected by COVID-19 in different ways. However, regardless of your industry, in an age of increasing customer demands and expectations, being clear on who your most valuable customers are is key; how to win them, keep them and connect with them.”

The Hearts Pulse report will be shared directly with clients in live sessions and is also available in abbreviated format in your inbox. To sign up and receive the Hearts Pulse ever two weeks please click here.