The Unreachables.

Who are The Unreachables? They’re a growing audience of people who aren’t tracked—and therefore can’t be targeted or measured—with traditional tools and platforms. They consume media on mobile devices and OTT. They’re “cord cutters” and “cord nevers.” And they represent tremendous buying power for brands.  

The stakes are high—47% of Millennials and Gen Xers appear “unreachable” within standard planning tools, and 66% of their media consumption isn’t tracked, either.

The Wall Street Journal

How Marketers Are Missing a Generation of ‘Unreachables’.

Traditional, panel-based approaches to measurement are old-school technology, designed for old-school media. In this column, Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn explains the origins of The Unreachables.

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Reaching the Unreachables.

Discover the technical and philosophical origins of The Unreachables and how smart companies are starting to combat the problem—all inspired by top findings from Omnicom Media Group’s research study.

“The biggest behavioral change we've seen is the platform shift. Today, we have about 77% of our viewing happening on 'living room' devices—connected TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles.”

Julie DeTraglia Head of Ad Sales Research, Hulu


Nearly Half of Millennials and Gen Xers Don't Watch Any Traditional TV: Study.

It's pretty scary. We are not reaching young audiences effectively, just over-indexing on older viewers on TV," Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn tells AdAge in this article, which explores Millennial and Gen X media consumption habits. To be successful, Hagedorn says, marketers have to think creatively not only to reach millennials and Gen Xers, but also to make the most of the opportunity when they do.

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“I had a planner come into my office about six months ago, and she was actually in the target of the campaign that she was working on. She used the industry standard planning tools, and did all of the work as she should, then came in, and said, 'Hey, I’m in the target, but this looks like a foreign media plan to me, I don’t watch any of these programs, I don’t consume content this way.”

Scott Hagedorn CEO, Hearts & Science

The Unreachables:

Download this ebook to get insights from Wharton, Hulu, Pandora, Moat, Natori and more. How are these industry leaders using data to help reach The Unreachables? Why is cross-platform measurement so hard? And what would it take to develop an industry standard for measurement, anyway? In this ebook, we also go deep on the Unreachables themselves—their habits, their patterns, and where they’re spending their time.


The Unreachables:
By the Numbers.

Check out this infographic to get the facts and figures behind the Unreachables.

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Forces of Change.

Hearts & Science is tackling the biggest problems facing our industry, from measurement to brand safety to success in mobile. We’re releasing original content throughout the year, so be sure to check back—and let us know what you think with #forcesofchange.

  • Negative Reach.

    Force Two: Disruptive Cultural, Social & Geopolitical Changes

    In the era of fake news and ad fraud, Brand Safety and Ad Quality are more important than ever. 70% of Millennials and Gen Xers won’t like, recommend or purchase products from a brand whose ads appear alongside derogatory, hateful or offensive content. We call it “Negative Reach.”

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  • Net Persuasion.

    Force Three: New Technologies and Business Models

    Mobile in-app experiences generate 2X greater biometric intensity than linear television experiences, creating a unique opportunity for brands. But how do you foster persuasive brand experiences—ethically and effectively—in these screens of “Net Attention”?

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