16 Wins
Brand Partnerskab, Stort Agentur
4 Guld, 1 Sølv, 1 Bronze
7 Vindende Kampagner
2 Bronze
8 Guld, 1 Sølv, 1 Bronze

My Black Is Beautiful

See how we helped P&G invite the world to join a powerful conversation—one that has been going on for decades in the black community.

It’s a Tide Ad Campaign

Consumers loved the cheeky approach we took on Tide-ifying well-known advertising campaigns—and the resulting sales prove it.

Terry Bradshaw Stain Campaign

What if Tide wasn’t limited to their 30-second spot during the Super Bowl? What if it became a part of the event instead?

Crushed it.

We work closely with brands to build campaigns that will make waves across their audience and the industry.

Cannes Lions Awards 18 2018 16 Wins
4 A’s Partner Awards 2018 Brand Partnerskab, Stort Agentur
ANA Reggie Awards 2018 4 Guld, 1 Sølv, 1 Bronze
Effie Awards 2018 7 Vindende Kampagner
Festival of Global Media 2018 2 Bronze
The One Show 2018 8 Guld, 1 Sølv, 1 Bronze
Festival of Media Global Awards 2017 Bedste Event, Erfaringsbaseret eller Sponsor Kampagne
AdAge 2017 Agentur at holde øje med
Cannes Lions Awards 17 2017 12 Sejre
Adweek Project Isaac 2017 Guld
AdWeek 2016 Årets Gennembruds Agentur

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