Best Programmatic Capabilities By An Agency is awarded to Hearts & Science

AdExchanger hosted their semiannual Programmatic I/O Conference in San Francisco earlier this week. At the Awards Gala, they presented awards to the best marketing and media leaders in the industry to recognize the strongest achievements.

As a finalist among other renowned agencies like Cadreon, DSPolitical, Essence, Goodway Group and Mindshare, Hearts & Science was awarded Best Programmatic Capabilities By An Agency at the Gala.

“This award recognizes agencies who have mastered programmatic buying—and not just by pulling levers on platforms. The best agencies have demonstrated programmatic excellence through a deep understanding of the vendor landscape. These agencies also take bespoke approaches to planning, optimizing and measuring programmatic campaigns to move the needle on clients’ businesses.”

Behind the scenes

Megan Pagliuca, Chief Data Officer at Hearts & Science, celebrates, “This is a huge win for our Hearts’ teams! We’ve been working for the past three years to perfect our programmatic and optimize our services for clients. To be recognized by such a prestigious award stacked up against other renowned agencies makes all our hard work worth it.”

Dedicated to continuously improving their services, Hearts & Science is constantly challenging the status quo and leading the industry forward. We’re excited to see what’s next.