Sharing in our success

A lot has happened at Hearts & Science since we launched in 2016. We’ve expanded across the globe to 24 offices across six continents, funded game-changing research in Forces of Change and won numerous awards across Cannes, the Effie Awards and more.

In Cannes this year, we won 16 awards, including one Titanium, two Grand Prix, two Gold, seven Silver and four Bronze. Many of these were for P&G’s “The Talk” ad, which invited users to start a conversation about race and work toward a future with more equality. It was an amazing moment.

A time for reflection

To the extent in which we’ve grown, it recently became necessary to relocate our New York downtown office to a larger space nearby. During the move, we finally had an opportunity to unpack our trophies, which had been gathering dust in musty storage boxes for months instead of being on display.

My task? To find a place for them to finally shine in our new office.

I expected setting up the display shelves to be an uninspiring task, so I was taken aback to feel a sudden meaning as I carefully unwrapped each trophy from its paper packaging and placed it on the shelf. I had an overwhelming sensation of how much we have accomplished as a team in the last two years.

My eyes darted between our awards, from Cannes to the Effie Awards to the REGGIE Awards, before resting on our Breakthrough Agency of the Year award dated back to 2016. How time flies.

Part of my responsibility as the director of marketing is to prepare award submissions each year. To submit a campaign to an awards ceremony takes countless hours. We meet with the incredible team involved with the project, identify what makes the piece special and distill months of calculated work into a perfect two-minute video clip for submission.

As much pressure as there is for this process to be perfect, all of it pays off when everyone’s hard work is rewarded with global recognition at awards festivals. When you win a trophy and can see it each morning as you enter the reception area, it is a daily reminder of the value of collaboration. When our employees are proud to walk through the office and express wins with each other, it serves as a constant reminder to celebrate the moments of what we can accomplish together as a team.

We’re ready to tackle whatever is next.