SXSW become a virtual affair this year and we sent three of Team Hearts along to track the key trends in discussion where the worlds of entertainment, music and film collide.

With some 230 sessions taking place throughout the week there was a lot to choose from, but Simon, Lysette and Gareth have collated their 10 best bits into the report below. Covering a diverse range of topics from purpose washing to clout chasing, the metaverse to the use of AI in the future of design and media, as well as a dedicated section on the Entertainment industry, their report gives you a snapshot of SXSW 2021, the key trends and the things to look out for.

Download the report here: 2021_SXSW_Hearts_&_Science

Report Authors 

Simon Carr, Chief Strategy Office, Hearts & Science

Lysette Jones, Group Strategy Director, Hearts & Science

Gareth White, Strategy Director, Hearts & Science