Setting up for growth

Things have changed a little. Some temporarily, some permanently. They say change is inevitable but, in this context, we would argue that growth is also inevitable for most brands. Growth back to pre-COVID levels or continuing growth as a result of COVID. As most organisations have resized, right sized or downsized, you could argue this will also be challenging growth. So how can we be smart in our approach?

And it’s not just Covid. Today’s marketers are operating in an increasingly complex space. Fluid budgets, fewer feet on the ground, an increasingly fragmented media playing field, walled gardens, the treatment and management of customer data and the continuing emergence of martech; not to mention increased regulatory oversight.

Well, it’s time now to look forward and ensure you are setting yourself, your brand and your community up for success in 2021.

Success in this rapidly changing world comes from understanding your customers’ journey better than your competitors, identifying which levers on that journey will yield the best return – and innovating in those spaces. Here at Hearts & Science we call this process Journey Hacking.

We want to understand how Australian marketers are prepared for this brave new world of precision marketing. In short, how are you geared up to turn vast – often inert – amounts of data into sharp, useful and actionable insights that inspire innovation along the customer journey, drive change and grow your brands.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Adnews to launch the inaugural Adnews Marketing Pulse powered by Hearts & Science. This survey is specific to the Australian market, built by marketers, for marketers. Our aim is to provide an opportunity and a platform for Australian marketers to contribute to a unique point of view on the growing opportunity of precision marketing.

In analysing the data, we will build some benchmarks, a framework of growth and innovation indicators, and overlay that with the various trends and challenges facing the marketing industry, to produce a blueprint for sustained success. This will be an invaluable resource for you to benchmark your own strategies and plans for 2021 and beyond.

We invite you to join us in harnessing insights that may just help unlock accelerated growth for you.

Take the survey here