Team Hearts, Team You:
Honoring Juneteenth

At Hearts & Science, we believe that our strength lies in our diversity. “Team Hearts, Team You” is a series that celebrates the rich tapestry of individual experiences and backgrounds that make up our agency. 

Each episode focuses on a different heritage event, highlighting personal stories from our team members, who bring unique perspectives and insights into our collective culture.

Through candid interviews and personal stories, “Team Hearts, Team You” aims to inspire, educate, and reinforce our commitment to inclusivity. Each serves as a reminder that at Hearts & Science, every voice matters, and every story adds value to our collective mission. 

Join us as we explore the journeys that challenge and change us and celebrate the diversity that unites us.

Every Juneteenth journey is unique

We sat down with some of our Team Hearts to hear what Juneteenth means to them. From engaging in traditions at a young age to learning about the holiday in adulthood, each person’s story is unique and offers insights into the importance of Juneteenth. 

“Around fourth grade I started looking in the Black History section. Juneteenth was one of the first holidays I learned about that was specifically for the Black community.”

Nahla Shepherd
Senior Associate, Experience Planning
Hearts & Science

“With Juneteenth, we are all on our individual journeys. Some people grew up knowing about the holiday and having enriched traditions. And some of us are just starting.”

Andriena Coleman
US Director, DE&I
Hearts & Science

How our Team Hearts celebrate Freedom Day

From family cookouts to community events, everyone celebrates Juneteenth in their own authentic way. Juneteenth serves as a reminder to learn about the history of racial injustice in the US, celebrate Black culture—music, food, art—and honor the day that marks the emancipation of African Americans in the United States.

“I like finding community events. You see people from all backgrounds exchange dialogue and learn more about our history as a melting pot of cultures.”

Charles Solomon
Associate, Experience Planning
Hearts & Science

“On Juneteenth I get together with family and friends—we have a cookout, play games, enjoy time together, and celebrate it as our own Independence Day.”

Sharmaine François
Senior Associate, Experience Planning
Hearts & Science

“Having a day where we can take a moment and acknowledge that first step in trying to change society for the better is really important.”

Rayvon Dorsett
Senior Associate, Social
Hearts & Science

In celebration of Juneteenth

Here’s what we’re doing to recognize Juneteenth at Hearts & Science:

  • Black Together invites you to a fireside chat with Dr. Jason. P. Chambers: June 18, 2024, noon–1 pm ET
    In celebration of Juneteenth, Omnicom’s Global Employee Resource Group, Black Together, invites you to a fireside chat featuring Dr. Jason P. Chambers, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Professor of Advertising at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This powerful conversation, moderated by Stacey Hightower, CEO of Omnicom Specialty Marketing Group, will deep dive into advertising’s intricate link to larger social and cultural events, as exemplified by four remarkable Black advertising entrepreneurs: Vince Cullers, Tom Burrell, Byron Lewis, and Carol H. Williams.

    These legendary advertisers utilized entrepreneurship to carve a space for themselves in the advertising industry, driving change and advocating for the inclusion of Black creators and professionals.
  • Juneteenth 5K Run, Walk & Roll in NYC: June 19, 2024, noon–3 pm ET
    Join Omnicom Media Group’s Black Leadership Network for the annual Juneteenth 5K Run, Walk & Roll in New York City. Juneteenth is about celebrating Black American freedom in all of its diverse representation. Whether you’re a runner, a walker, or a roller—let’s march together in honor of freedom for all! 

Ways you can show support for Black communities

Hearts & Science is dedicated to building a space where its employees are recognized and feel seen. There are many ways we are supporting inclusion efforts. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Join Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups: Hearts & Science participates in Omnicom’s Global ERGs and OMG’s BRGs with employees as executive sponsors, co-chairs, and members. All are welcome. Ask HR at your company if you can get involved or start a group of your own.
  2. Educate yourself on the holiday and history: The National Museum of African American History & Culture is a valuable resource for learning about the history and culture surrounding Juneteenth. It’s a great suggestion for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of this important holiday
  3. Attend events: Support and attend local Juneteenth events, such as street fairs, concerts, and other festivals.
  4. Volunteer: Consider volunteering at a Juneteenth event or work with local, Black-led community organizations.
  5. Support: Support a local Black-owned business.
  6. Juneteenth Out-of-Office Message: This is a template. Thanks for your email! Hearts & Science is closed today to observe Juneteenth. I encourage you to read the linked article if you’d like to know why this decision was made and why it’s so important to the company and its staff. I’ll be sure to respond to your message when I’m back in the office.

Celebrating Juneteenth in a meaningful way goes beyond participating in events on June 19. Showing support for Black communities involves learning the history and ongoing struggle for racial equality and justice. 

By understanding the significance of Juneteenth, we can begin to engage in honest conversations and participate in advocacy for a more racially inclusive, equitable, and just future.