With business and consumer wins across the board

Each year, the American Business Awards organization grants Stevie® Awards to businesses with noteworthy accomplishments and contributions across diverse industries.

Hearts & Science just returned from the 2019 gala and brought home five awards within the Marketing Awards category for their work on behalf of AT&T. 

See below for a live recording of their acceptance speech and summary of their work for AT&T.


AT&T “More for Your Riverdale Thing”

  • GOLD: Brand Experience of the Year – Consumer
  • SILVER: Branded Content Campaign of the Year
  • SILVER: Engaged Community of the Year

AT&T Business and Quartz “What Happens Next”

  • BRONZE: Brand Experience of the Year – Business-to-Business
  • BRONZE: Marketing Campaign of the Year – Internet/Telecommunication

A celebratory evening

The gala was a fantastic opportunity for the Hearts & Science team to be recognized for their hard work—particularly among the other major brands and corporations being honored.  

Each AT&T campaign was an incredibly collaborative project, not just with internal stakeholders but also with partners in the B2B space and creative partners at BBDO. This joint effort allowed the Hearts team to take its data in a creative direction. 

Aimee Carricato, Director of Business Development shares:

“Our media team didn’t feel like they were just an Excel spreadsheet or numbers negotiator but were really allowed to have creative and innovative freedom as well.”

Breaking into business

It was exciting to be recognized for both B2B and B2C campaigns in this latest round of Stevie® Awards. 

Jeff Fischer, Managing Director of Entertainment & Content Marketing, shares why these campaigns were so successful across business and consumer audiences:

“We are able to work as part of an integrated team with clients, strategy, investment and our creative partners at BBDO for a deep understanding of business objectives leading to an award-worthy output.”

Regardless of the audience, quality entertainment and content marketing strategy can tell stories that make any brand culturally relevant.

If targeted appropriately, consumers will respond to this creative, data-driven approach more effectively than with traditional commercial messaging, and clients will see quality results. 

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