Revisit your advertising routine

Now is an exciting time for advertisers, with rapid advances in adtech and martech enhancing a brand’s ability to deliver engaging messages.

Unfortunately, the landscape can seem like the “wild west,” with some adtech intermediaries and walled gardens taking advantage of the lack of regulations and transparency. With this in mind, we’ve developed a playbook for advertisers so they can audit delivery, demand accountability and garner attention from consumers.

Download your playbook.

In this playbook, we share strategies for improving performance—by looking back at past campaigns, demanding more accountability today, and building a strong foundation for the future.

  • Looking back: When it comes to looking back at past campaign performance, the key is to examine delivery. This includes accessing frequency waste (spoiler alert: there was likely some waste!), supply paths, contextual relevance, targeting outcomes, and ad format/channel performance.
  • Improving today: Advertisers must demand greater accountability from adtech and publisher partners, whether that’s digger deeper into the identity graph data being used, using clean rooms, or even going dark on a platform to measure the impact. We share four best practices for how to get there.
  • Creating success tomorrow: Leveraging the insights gained from examining past delivery and demanding accountability from partners today, we help advertisers lay the groundwork for future success. The big shift here is from buying Reach to valuing Attention.

Your playbook awaits

Check it out below. Follow its steps to build a strong foundation for your advertising process.

Want to learn more?

The findings that power this playbook come from our extensive media experience with some of the world’s largest advertisers, as well as from original research we’ve undertaken as part of our Forces of Change initiative. Learn more about Forces of Change here.